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Why should I get an oil change?

Why should I get an oil change?

  1. Maintain engine lubrication: An oil change keeps the engine lubricated. There’s a lot of moving parts under the hood of your car. They move and generate heat. Without proper oil lubrication, this movement and heat can wear down the parts of the engine.
  2. Keeps your engine cool: With all of those moving parts, friction also generates heat. With the right amount of clean oil to keep the parts lubricated, friction is reduced and prevents over-heating.
  3. Improves gas mileage: When the engine is not lubricated properly, it can lead to increased fuel usage. Everyone wants to save money on gas! This is a small percentage but over time could save a great deal of money.
  4. Removes dirt from the engine: Dirt particles are inevitable, but over time it can cause corrosion. Changing the oil helps remove some of that dirt from your engine and keeps it running at top performance.
  5. Overall longer life for your engine: With dirty oil, your engine has to work harder! When the engine has clean oil, it can run more efficiently and live a longer life.


How often do I need an oil change?

Lots of things can impact how often you need an oil change. Not all vehicles need to have their oil changed at 3,000 miles. Some can wait until 5,000 and some even longer. It depends on how you drive, where you drive and how often you drive. It’s always a good idea to check your oil level from time to time and make sure it has the proper amount. If you are not sure how to or where to look, please feel free to come by and Mike would be happy to show you!

Warning signs?

Your oil level is low: you need an oil change.

The color of your oil is any other color than honey or amber brown: you need an oil change.

If your car has a maintenance reminder on it and it is illuminated: it’s possible that you need an oil change. These aren’t fool proof, but can be helpful reminders.

If your engine light has come on and you aren’t sure when your last oil change was: call us: 865-995-6340 – you need an oil change now!

If you are hearing ticking or knocking coming from the engine and you’re due for an oil change – schedule an appointment as soon as you can; we’ll change the oil and inspect for any other possible causes, no charge for diagnosing!