We have the tools to pinpoint the problem!

Keeping a well-maintained vehicle is paramount to your safety. That is why we offer free diagnostics and the right tools and equipment to make sure your vehicle is functioning properly. Our number one priority is the safety of our customers and we pride ourselves in making sure your vehicle is as well.

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10% off labor for all military, police, and first responders.

Our Services

Oil Change

Most important in helping your vehicle live a longer life.

Coolant Systems

From radiators and water pumps, we service all of your coolant needs.

Tune Ups

Spark plugs and coil packs keep your engine happy


From testing to replacing, we have you covered.

Brake Service

Changing your brake pads on time can save you money on rotor replacement

Engine Repair

All makes and models, call for estimates

Timing Belt

We can replace timing belts before they break, but if yours does go out on you, we can fix that too.


We can change your alternator to get you back on the road

What Others Say About Us

  • Very caring does best job at a great price!! Try’s to help everyone!! Great guy. Highly recommend him. Will always use him for our vehicles!!

    Linda Terry Avatar Linda Terry

    Never taking my vehicles anywhere else! Need someone honest, hardworking, and practical with timing? Call Mike. Had my car that hadn't ran since December up and running within three weeks. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

    McKenzie Sherman Avatar McKenzie Sherman

    Mike, I took my vehicle around town after we left your place and it was the smoothest ride I've had in a super long time.

    Thank you so much for everything you done to make sure I was safe on the road.

    5 stars isn't enough but it's all I can give you. You sir are an amazing mechanic and I hope your business continues to grow!

    I'll see you next time.

    Becca Kennedy Avatar Becca Kennedy
  • Great job on my handicap van. Great service. Thanks Mike and associates.

    Greg L Boring Avatar Greg L Boring

    Does Excellent work and is Fair and HONEST!!! Wont take my car anywhere else.

    Kendall Hillary Hall Caccavale Avatar Kendall Hillary Hall Caccavale

    Awesome guys, big hearts, abundance of knowledge and they get the job done right! I would not take my vehicle anywhere else. Highly recommend!

    Kyla Bible Ledford Avatar Kyla Bible Ledford
  • It's so nice to have an honest mechanic who knows his way around an engine & I don't have to sell body parts to afford. Great job on our Buick! You maybe stuck with us now�

    Patty Davis-Gilley Avatar Patty Davis-Gilley

    Mike is the only mechanic I trust with my vehicles.

    Robert Tucker

    Robert Tucker Avatar Robert Tucker

    Mike is always so nice and accommodating when I have vehicular emergencies. Very honest and great fast work he does!!!

    Anna Grace Ford Avatar Anna Grace Ford
  • He is honest!! He worked with us to try to fix my daughters vehicle but it wasn't some thing he could fix. Not his fault at all. He went well above & beyond to try to help us out. All his staff did. Everyone so kind. We really appreciate you all for trying!! Well go back if ever have other issues if he will have us lol

    Karen Best Avatar Karen Best

    I was in town visiting family and had problems with my air conditioning so my sister recommended Mike. I also needed brake work. All work was completed and both the air and brakes work great. Great group to do business with. Thank you.

    Janice Scott Avatar Janice Scott

    In the 12 years that i have owned my vehicle i have ALWAYS gone to the dealer for everything. I decided to give Mike a try after feeling like the car dealership may have not had my vehicle's (or my) best interest at heart. I was basically told my vehicle had so many issues that it would take an hour to explain it all. � I took my vehicle to Mike and he looked over my vehicle & had really good things to say about it unlike the dealer that had made me feel like i was driving a ticking time bomb & i would need a new car at any minute. Mike got my brakes and oil changed for an extremely reasonable price. Mike took the time to physically show us how bad my brakes really were (another 100 miles & i would have needed rotor work he said). I was actually going to wait another week to have my brakes done because i knew how busy he was with moving to his shop last week, but he asked if they were squeaking & when i told him they were, HE insisted that i bring my vehicle in right away. I could tell that he was more concerned with the safety of my family as well as the additional cost that i would have incurred had i waited. I will not be returning to the dealer but instead i will continue allowing Mike to have our business. Also, i met his wife & we had a great conversation & kids enjoyed playing with each other. She is a very sweet person. They are really great family that i am happy to give our business to! Thanks Mike & Christy Attkisson! � � �

    Heather Nicole May Avatar Heather Nicole May
  • Good price, quality work, great customer service. Brakes amd rotors replaced. Made recommendations for future repairs that I trusted unlike other shops where you wonder if it's just to get more money out of you. Highly recommended local shop.

    Aaron Veal Ace Avatar Aaron Veal Ace

    Mike is amazing and all his guys are friendly and helpful. A great place to have any work done.

    William Mathis Avatar William Mathis

    They got me in the same day and worked with my school/work schedule. Exceptional customer service on the phone and in person! They explained everything they were doing and discovered the fix was much simpler than I feared. Absolutely above and beyond what I expected, I'm now a customer for life. Thank you guys so much!

    Carissa Arens Avatar Carissa Arens

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