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We have the tools to pinpoint the problem!

Keeping a well-maintained vehicle is paramount to your safety. That is why we offer free diagnostics and the right tools and equipment to make sure your vehicle is functioning properly. Our number one priority is the safety of our customers and we pride ourselves in making sure your vehicle is as well.

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10% off labor for all military, police, and first responders.

Our Services

Oil Change

Most important in helping your vehicle live a longer life.

Coolant Systems

From radiators and water pumps, we service all of your coolant needs.

Tune Ups

Spark plugs and coil packs keep your engine happy


From testing to replacing, we have you covered.

Brake Service

Changing your brake pads on time can save you money on rotor replacement

Engine Repair

All makes and models, call for estimates

Timing Belt

We can replace timing belts before they break, but if yours does go out on you, we can fix that too.


We can change your alternator to get you back on the road

What Others Say About Us

  • Honest, talented, and trustworthy! What more could you want from a mechanic??? He's worked on our vehicles multiple times and we know we are in good hands when we take them to Mike!

    Kimberly McCaslin Walton Avatar Kimberly McCaslin Walton

    I was in town visiting family and had problems with my air conditioning so my sister recommended Mike. I also needed brake work. All work was completed and both the air and brakes work great. Great group to do business with. Thank you.

    Janice Scott Avatar Janice Scott

    It's so nice to have an honest mechanic who knows his way around an engine & I don't have to sell body parts to afford. Great job on our Buick! You maybe stuck with us now�

    Patty Davis-Gilley Avatar Patty Davis-Gilley
  • Does Excellent work and is Fair and HONEST!!! Wont take my car anywhere else.

    Kendall Hillary Hall Caccavale Avatar Kendall Hillary Hall Caccavale

    Great job on my handicap van. Great service. Thanks Mike and associates.

    Greg L Boring Avatar Greg L Boring

    Not only did he come to my house and check my car at 9:30 pm for FREE, but he also fixed it a lot cheaper then what I would of paid taking it anywhere else! My vehicle has never been as good as it is now! I will continue to go him with all my vehicle issues and would highly recommend him to anyone having car problems!

    Brittany Myers Avatar Brittany Myers
  • Mike and his crew are a gem!! It is so hard to find a trusting and honest mechanic. I cannot say enough good things about them. I will continue to take my vehicles to Mike as I know they will be taken care of. Thank you Mike and Company for being so amazing 😀

    Michelle Kozar Baker Avatar Michelle Kozar Baker

    Very honest and caring crew. Had a issues with my car that I thought was something simple but ended up being more serious and could have been a disater for me, thanks to Mike and his crew they got it fixed for me so I didn't have to worry, Thanks Mike and crew from the bottom of my heart, God Bless

    Mary Shields Avatar Mary Shields

    Mike was very nice and helpfu. I took my van to him so he could look at my a/c and even though its not something he has the tools to fix, he atleast told me what the problem was and pointed me in the direction i need to go to have it fixed! Thank you again for everything.! Would highly recomend!

    Tiffany Cagle Avatar Tiffany Cagle
  • Mike fixed my truck a couple of weeks ago and it is running better than it has in years. He saved me AT LEAST $400 in repairs, as well. We won't be taking our vehicles anywhere else from now on!

    Jamie Romines Avatar Jamie Romines

    Family like atmosphere with professional top of line quick fix!

    Highly recommend and noone else will ever touch my vehicles again!

    Candy Przyborowski Avatar Candy Przyborowski

    So we were sure my engine was misfiring. One car place was going to charge me $110 just to diagnose the problem & that wouldn’t have come off the repair charge, but someone recommended Attkisson Automotive. I messaged them on Facebook & Mike got back with me within a couple minutes & told me to come in when I could. He said he’d charge $40 to diagnose & that would come off the repair charge. Turns out there was nothing wrong with my vehicle & Mike charged me nothing for the diagnostic. How many people are going to be that upfront & honest, especially knowing it’s a single mom who really knows nothing about engines, etc.? I would recommend them for ANY of your car needs, especially if you are a woman, single mom, etc. I will be coming here from now on for everything! Thanks so much, Mike! You’re a real blessing! 😊

    Monika Borck Oldham Avatar Monika Borck Oldham
  • They do wonderful work!! They are the one that does work on my van when it needs it.!!!!

    Anna Teffeteller Avatar Anna Teffeteller

    Took my Suzuki there on Saturday for something that should have been simple, but of course if anything goofy happens it will happen to me. Mike, Carl and of course Christina were absolutely amazing. I cannot think of anywhere else that I would recommend except for Attkisson Automotive. Y'all are a blessing and I pray that blessings shower all if you. Thank you again for everything. By the way, I took your advice Mike, I'll bring the new car by soon �

    Teri Henderson Avatar Teri Henderson

    First time taking my car to Mike and I am very happy with the service! Mike is a fantastic guy, very honest and he even brought my car back to my house for me because my husband had to work! I highly recommend Mike! We will not be going anywhere else! Thanks Mike!

    Jessica Spires Avatar Jessica Spires

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